The 4 Best Apple Pencil Alternatives

Luckily, there are plenty of alternative budget styluses that you can use with your iPad to get a feel for working with a stylus and whether an Apple Pencil would be a good investment for you. Here are our favorite alternatives to the Apple Pencil for digital workspaces.

Digital Stylus: What is it?

A digital stylus is an excellent way to improve your workflow. It offers superior input accuracy, allows users to input more precise movements, and uses pressure sensitivity to produce more intricate linework and streamline productivity.

Best Digital Stylus Options As Apple Pencil Alternatives

Best Overall: Adonit Note+ – Best For People Who Don’t Need Pressure Sensitivity: Logitech Crayon – Best Budget-Friendly Option: Adonit Dash

Adonit Note+, Stylus Pen for iPad, Pressure Sensitivity Digital Active Pencil with Palm Rejection

【Tilt & Pressure Sensitivity】- 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity ensure every line, dash, swoosh, and letter appear exactly how the user pictured it.

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Are all digital stylus pens compatible with iPads?

No. Digital stylus pens are not always compatible with iPads. It’s crucial to remember to check compatibility for your model and generation before purchasing a stylus pen.

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