Discover The Largest Fiber Optic Companies in the World, and What They Do

Many companies are looking for reliable internet providers to install fiber optic cables and receive high-speed internet. So, here is a list of the fifteen largest fiber optic companies in the world, ranked by annual revenue.

Sterlite Technologies Limited – $590 million

Sterlite Technologies Limited offers multiple services in the telecommunications industry. First, they provide optical connectivity solutions. The company sells optical products, such as optical fibers, loose tube optical fiber cables, and pre-connected and integrated systems.

Belden Incorporated – $1.86 billion

Founded in 1902 by Joseph C. Belden, Belden Incorporated has been in the telecommunications industry for over 100 years. The fiber optic company manufactures various types of cables, including Ethernet cables, fiber cables, electronic wires and cables, and VFD cables.

Fujikura Ltd. – $4.40 billion

Fujikura Ltd. is located in Tokyo and is one of the largest telecommunications  companies in the world. Zenpachi Fujikura founded the company in 1885. Fujikura primarily deals with manufacturing power cables and other telecommunications products, such as optical fibers.

CommScope – $8.59 billion

Founded in 1976 by Frank M. Drendel, CommScope is an American organization in North Carolina. The company designs and manufactures many products integral to the telecommunication industry. 

Prysmian Spa – $12.45 billion

Prysmian Spa was founded in 2011 and is located in Italy. Prysmian Spa offers a variety of cable solutions, like general cable transmission and distribution services. They also manufacture fiber cables, telecom cables, and copper cables.

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