The 15 Best Whatsapp Tips and Tricks Most People Miss

Owned by Facebook. WhatsApp is a popular social media messenger app. Over two billion people use it worldwide, which is pretty staggering. Let’s explore some helpful WhatsApp tips and tricks to help you make the most of your best social media application.

WhatsApp tips and tricks for 2022

– Collect data on your activities – WhatsApp Incognito – Assign notification for each of your chats – Backup for your WhatsApp chat – Save your WhatsApp media, data allowance, and storage

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1. Collect data on your activities

To locate the data storage: Launch your WhatsApp application > Go to Settings > Data and Storage Usage > Storage Usage. You’ll see a list of your most important groups and contacts ranked according to your data expended on them.

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2. WhatsApp incognito

To use this WhatsApp feature, turn off WhatsApp’s ‘last seen’ feature, and no one will know you’re online unless you chat with the person. To set this up: Go to your WhatsApp’s Privacy Menu > Last Seen and decide how you want to be seen.

3. Assign notification for each of your chats

To set this up, go to the individual or group chat you wish to assign a notification for, tap on the group name to bring out the Group Info, and scroll down to the Custom Notifications.

4. Backup your WhatsApp chat

Android users can do the same by clicking on Settings > Chats and calls > Chat backup and selecting to set the backup for either daily/weekly/monthly.

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5. Save data on media downloads

On iPhone & Android, go to Settings > Data and Storage Usage and tweak the settings for how you want your received media to be downloaded.

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