The 10 Largest E-Bikes Companies In The World, And What They Do

There are many companies that produce e-bikes. Some of the largest bicycle businesses in the world have e-bike products. Today, we will look at 10 of the biggest e-bikes companies in the world, and what they are planning.

Trek Bicycle Corporation – $8.134 million

Founded in 1976 and based out of Waterloo, Wisconsin, Trek Bicycle Corporation is the largest bicycle manufacturer in the US. The company specializes in manufacturing high-end bikes for competitive riders.

Specialized – $500 million

Specialized is one of the world’s leading bicycle companies and a global leader in bicycle design, innovation, and technology. Specialized’s mission is to create products that enhance and inspire riders of all ages, abilities, and interests.

Accell Group N.V. – $1.638 billion

Accell Group is one of the world’s largest e-bike companies, with a wide range of products targeted at different markets. They have been manufacturing bicycles since 1998 and its e-bikes meet the needs of riders of all sizes.

Giant Manufacturing – $2.789 billion

Giant manufacturing is a Chinese company that was founded in 1972. It is the largest bicycle manufacturer in the world and has manufacturing plants in Taiwan, China, and Italy. The company also makes bicycles for other brands.

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