The 10 Best Movies About Space

James Webb is stimulating public interest in space exploration. Pop culture is responding as we get closer to returning humans to the moon. Continue reading for the best movies about space you’ve got to catch up on.

10. Men in Black – 1997

In the 1997 classic, two interstellar detectives work with aliens in disguise to discover the source of dangerous, extraterrestrial murders in New York City. Men in Black is a comedic space mystery that finds the time to introduce real-world themes such as loss and xenophobia.

9. Star Trek – 2009

A reintroduction of the quintessential space exploration series, Star Trek prequels the franchise, showing us the alternate beginning of Captain James T. Kirk and his crew. The movie impresses on its watchers the blatant risks of space exploration and the boldness required of its adventurers.

8. Contact – 1997

One of the most scientifically accurate movies about space, Contact is based on the Carl Sagan novel of the same name. The film introduces an astronomer who discovers evidence of extraterrestrial life and attempts to communicate.

7. 2001: A Space Odyssey – 1968

Not only is 2001: A Space Odyssey one of the best movies about space, but its exact representation of cosmic exploration combined with revolutionary special effects and unconventional cinematics make it one of the most influential movies of all time.

6. Interstellar – 2014

Christopher Nolan’s science-fiction movie warps our reality of space exploration. Interstellar introduces the quantum-physic extent of wormhole travel as astronauts search for an exoplanet suitable for reestablishing humanity.

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