Tesla vs. Rivian:  Side-by-Side Comparison

Tesla, Inc.

What It Is: Largest EV company in the world with a focus on renewable energy solutions Company Founder: Elon Musk Founded: 2003 Units Sold: 1,917,450 Number of Employees: Over 99,000

Rivian Automotive

What It Is: Electric vehicle automaker focused on fully electric sport utility and off-road vehicles Company Founder: RJ Scaringe Founded: 2009 Units Sold: 2,147 Number of Employees: Over 11,000

Tesla vs. Rivian:  Must-Know Facts

Rivian became the first automaker to start production of an EV pickup truck.


Tesla is named after Nikola Tesla, the 19th-century electricity pioneer.


Both Rivian and Tesla are working on driver assistance and autonomous driving features.


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