Tesla Battery Replacement Cost: Explained

What is The Expected Tesla Battery Life?

After 200,000 miles, Tesla says the Model S and Model X retain 90% of their original capacity. NimbleFins’s independent research shows that even after 200,000 miles, a model’s performance is still at or above 80%.

The Cost of A Tesla Battery Replacement

The price to replace a Tesla battery depends on the model, labor, and parts required. Typically, a cost range of $13,000 for the most basic models and simple replacements to $20,000 for the priciest models and complex replacements would be acceptable.

How Often Does A Tesla Battery Need To Be Replaced?

When the usable capacity of your new Tesla falls below 70%, you’ll need to replace the battery pack. This also means that the driving range is reduced to the same extent.

How Do I Know if My Tesla Battery Needs to Be Replaced?

– A sudden drop in driving range, more than 20% – Degradation of range that exceeds the 30% threshold for the warranty – A complete inability to maintain a charge


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