Synology vs. QNAP: Full Comparison

Synology and the QNAP are two different brands of NAS which offer reliability, speed, and ease of use. We have decided to break down the two brands by looking into the differences in their network storage units which in turn will help you to understand which brand can best meet your needs.


Operating System: Diskstation Manager (DSM) Founding Location: Banciao, New Taipei, Taiwan Date Released: January 2000 Hardware Compatibility: Compatible with HDD & SSD


Operating System: QNAP Turbo Station (QTS) Founding Location: Xizhi District, New Taipei City, Taiwan Date Released: April 2004 Hardware Compatibility: Compatible with HDD & SSD

Synology vs. QNAP: Need to Know Facts

– The NAS natively supports EXT3 and EXT4. NAS supports NTFS, HSFP+, EXT 3, EXT 4, and FAT32 for external drives. – QNAP processes are controlled through the web administration management page.

Synology DiskStation DS620slim iSCSI NAS Server with Intel Celeron Up to 2.5GHz CPU

– Synology DiskStation DS620slim, made for a variety of server roles such as iSCSI targets backup, file storage, email servers, and domain controllers!

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