Steam Makes Big Mistake in Video for the Steam Deck Dock

For those unfamiliar, Yuzu is an emulator that can play Nintendo Switch games on the Steam Deck. It is very controversial as the Steam Deck is essentially a competitor to the Switch. Keep reading to learn more!

What is a Steam Deck

The Steam Deck is a handheld gaming console developed by Valve, which also owns the Steam gaming platform on PC. Steam previously dabbled with hardware such as the Steam Link streaming device and even a short-lived partnership with Alienware.

The Dock

The Steam Deck dock is actually the reason behind Valve’s video faux pas. Steam previously announced plans to release a dock at a later date, and it is finally available. The purpose of the dock is to connect your Steam Deck to the TV for big-screen gameplay.

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Why It Matters

The truth is that it really doesn’t change anything, but it is shocking to see this emulator in an official video for the Steam Deck. While mishaps do happen, it is even more surprising that Steam has Yuzu installed on a device that they intended to use for marketing purposes.

The Nintendo Problem

The biggest problem is that Nintendo is very litigious when it comes to emulation and piracy. They do everything they can to stop piracy, which is understandable as they hold some of the most valuable video game intellectual property.

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