SpaceX: the Complete History

In 1969, President John F. Kennedy launched the largest rocket in history to send the first human to the moon. SpaceX launched into the industry with a bold mission: to send humans to Mars. Continue reading for everything you need to know about this century’s most explosive spaceflight company.

The History of SpaceX: What to Know

SpaceX is a spaceflight company located in Hawthorne, California. SpaceX works with a variety of private and government organizations, including NASA.

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SpaceX was the first private company to:

– Reach orbit with a fully-liquid fueled rocket – Send a spacecraft to the International Space Station – Send a human-rated spacecraft to orbit

The Founding of SpaceX: How it Happened

In 2001, Elon Musk purchased a seat on the board of the Mars Society, a nonprofit organization advocating Mars exploration. With over 50% ownership, Elon Musk controls virtually every aspect of SpaceX operations.

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SpaceX Through the Years

– 2008-2017: Launch Affordability – 2018-Present: Humanity in Space

What Are the Most Important Inventions from SpaceX?

– Reusable Rockets – Methalox Rocket Engines

How Does SpaceX Make Money?

The rocket manufacturer sells internet services for $110 a month and is quickly becoming a premier option for those in less populated areas.

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