Sondors Electric Motorcycle: Price, Specs, Release Date, and More

Dubbed the Metacycle, this new Sondors electric motorcycle is turning the heads of e-bike lovers and skeptics alike. But many questions still remain about the Sondors electric motorcycle. What does it sell for? What are its specs? Let’s get right into it.

Must-Know Facts About the Sondors Electric Motorcycle

– In addition to the Metacycle, Sondors has an all-terrain, a foldable, a mountain, and signature e-bikes for sale. – While you might think electric motorcycles are some newfangled invention, the first patent for an electric motorcycle dates back to September 19th, 1895.

Sondors Electric Motorcycle Specs

Product Name: Metacycle First Announced: January 2021 Released: August 2022 Range: 60-80 mi Power: 8 kW/11 HP (nominal) 14.5 kW/20 HP (peak) Motor: PMAC Hub Motor

Sondors Electric Motorcycle Sales

For one, we know the Metacycle had 11,000 pre-orders before its official release in August 2022. Moreover, the Metacycle has far outsold electric offerings from Harley-Davidson and Zero.

Sondors Electric Motorcycle: Models

– All Terrain eBikes – Foldable eBikes – Mountain eBikes – Signature eBikes

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