Shopify: Company Profile, History, Key Products, and Controversies

Shopify is a major e-commerce platform that most people haven’t even heard of. However, nearly everyone has purchased something or at least visited one of their sites. In a way, Shopify is similar to eBay, while also being completely different.

The Founding of Shopify: How It Happened

Tobias Lutke and Scott Lake started Shopify back in 2006 in Ottawa, Canada. But before that, in 2004, the duo tried to create a snowboard shop online and couldn’t find a platform to use. Lutke, a programmer, decided to make his own platform.

Early Years

After Shopify’s launch, they saw slow growth, in part due to the way that customers were charged. Initially, they used a percentage-based model similar to how eBay charges its customers.

Finding Their Way

Going into the next decade, Shopify made some drastic changes. But, by far, the largest was the addition of their API platform. APIs allowed third parties to create their own apps.

Continued Growth Through Brick and Mortar

After the massive success of the Shopify platform as an e-commerce hub, the company decided to start paying attention to brick-and-mortar retailers more. If it was going to become an all-in-one retail partner, then it would need to enter the brick-and-mortar space.

Shopify: The Most Important Inventions

– Online Platform – POS Systems

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