Server vs. Cloud: Where Should I Put My Data?

If you are evaluating data storage options for security, stability, and performance, using a server or cloud will be a key consideration. Today, let’s compare local servers and cloud computing to help you decide whether a cloud-based or in-house server infrastructure will meet your needs.


What it is: Computer hardware that provides data storage and computing services for client devices Primary Use: Data storage and backup Initial Release: 1960s Influential Developers: NeXT, CERN, HP Labs


What it is: Data storage and computing services accessed via the internet Primary Use: Data storage and backup Initial Release: 1990s Influential Developers: IBM, DEC, Cambridge CTS, SGE


– Cloud-based and in-house data storage both run on servers. – The servers provide data storage, processing power, and a range of functionalities, known as "services." – Separate client devices access cloud computing and servers.


– Devices can directly connect to an in-house server. – In-house servers use hardware that is held by the client. – Access to the cloud requires an internet connection.

Server vs. Cloud: Must-Know Facts

– Web servers are hardware and software that can accept requests via HTTP, the network protocol used for the distribution of web content. – The three leading types of cloud computing are Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service, and Software as a Service.

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