RTX 3050 vs. GTX 2070 Super: 

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If you are in the market for a GPU, as a gamer, there are a ton of options available to choose from. Currently, the RTX 3050 and GTX 2070 Super are industry leaders within this category, and they are both released by Nvidia GeForce. Let’s explore these differences today!

RTX 3050

Release Date: January 27, 2022 Price: 249 USD Graphics Processor: GA106 Boost Clock Speed (GHz): 1.78/1.76 Base Clock Speed (GHz): 1.55/1.51 Bandwidth: 224.0 GB/s Texture Mapping Units (TMU): 80

GTX 2070 Super

Release Date: July 9, 2019 Price: 499 USD Graphics Processor: TU104 Boost Clock Speed (GHz): 1.77 Base Clock Speed (GHz): 1.61 Bandwidth: 448.0 GB/s Texture Mapping Units (TMU): 160

MSI Gaming GeForce  RTX 3050

– 8GB GDDR6 video memory – 128-bit memory interface – DisplayPort x 3 (v1.4a) / HDMI 2.1 x 1 output – 7680 x 4320 digital maximum resolution

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RTX 3050 vs. GTX 2070 Super: Must-Know Facts

The RTX 3050 and GTX 2070 Super have DirectX -12 and the same OpenGL 4.6.


Both are compatible with PCI x16 with 8G RAM size.


They both have full support for Nvidia DLSS and ray tracing.


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