Rivian’s 2022 Steering Bolt Recall: Everything You Need to Know

All three of Rivian’s current EV models had improperly torqued bolts. These include the EDV electric commercial delivery van, the R1T pickup truck, and the R1S SUV. While Rivian believes the issue only a tiny portion of the EVs, it urges car owners to bring them in for service. Here’s what we know about the situation right now.

Rivian Bolt Recall: The Details

Rivian caught the bolt loosening defect before any injuries were reported. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recall report workers didn’t correctly torque the bolt between the steering knuckle and control arm.

Earlier Rivian Recalls

This isn’t the first time Rivian has issued a recall for its electric vehicles, but the third. All three recalls have happened during 2022 as increased production brings lurking design and manufacture glitches out of the woodwork.

What Does the Rivian Recall Mean for the Future?

The electric car world is constantly under a publicity microscope, and Rivian naysayers will doubtless pounce on this latest incident. Commentators will likely question the company’s viability, and that of EVs in general.

How many Rivian vehicles have problems with loose bolts?

Probably only about 120 to 130 EVs have loose bolts, but Rivian is checking nearly all of them on the basis of “better safe than sorry.”

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