Rivian R1T: Full Specs, Price, Range, and More

Powerful, well-built, and off-road capable, the Rivian R1T pickup is already making a name for itself in the light-duty EV truck market. Seating 5 people, the R1T beats many gasoline sports cars with its potent electric-motor acceleration. It also offers good acceleration for a pickup.

Facts About the Rivian R1T

– The Rivian R1T can drive up to 400 miles on a single charge. – All variants are all-wheel drive, with both dual-motor and quad-motor drivetrains available.

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Rivian R1T Specs

Price: $67,500 (Explore), $73,000 (Adventure) Range: 260 miles (Standard Battery), 316-320 miles (Large Battery), 400 miles (Max Battery) Seating: Up to 5Top  Speed: 115 mph

Rivian R1T Pickup: Where to Buy

You can make an R1T reservervation online through the Rivian website. Potential buyers must make a $1,000 down payment and clear the balance when their cars are ready for pickup.

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The History of the Rivian R1T: What to Know

The Rivian R1T is one of the two original vehicle models founder and CEO Robert Scaringe launched his company to build. An engineer, Scaringe, set out to turn the electric “skateboard” EV chassis concept into working vehicles.

Rivian R1T Versions: Each Edition

– R1T Explore Trim – R1T Adventure Trim – Other R1T Features: Dual-motor versus Quad-motor, Battery Packs and Charging Options, Cargo Capacity, Off-Road Toughness

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