QLED vs. LED: How Do These Displays Compare?

Ultimately, QLED is a better technology than LED. That said, LED still has its uses, and while QLED is an improvement, it may not be the improvement you need. Today, we’re going to dive into both of these technologies to figure out their differences so you can decide which one is best for you.


What is it? Quantum dot technology Color Accuracy: Excellent color accuracy Contrast & Brightness: High contrast and brightness Good for Gaming? Not great for gaming

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What is it? Traditional light emitting diode Color Accuracy: Decent color accuracy Contrast & Brightness: Mid-range contrast and brightness Good for Gaming? Great for gaming

QLED vs. LED: Which is better?

In terms of picture quality, there is no contest. QLED offers a higher color accuracy, richer contrast, and better brightness.

QLED vs LED: Must-Know Facts

– QLED is an improvement of LED technology. QLED TVs have better color accuracy, contrast, and brightness, resulting in altogether better picture quality. – QLED is often more expensive than LED and consumes more energy.

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