Plankalkül Programming Language:

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Plankalkül is a programming language, ideal for engineering purposes. The language was developed by Konrad Zuse, a German engineer and computer pioneer in the 1940s, and stood out as the first high-level computer programming language to be created.

3 Facts about Plankalkül Programming Language

Plankalkül was the first high-level computer programming language to be designed.


The initial years of the language saw poor reception by the people, inhibiting its implementation.


Plankalkül was comprehensively published in 1972.


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Plankalkül Features

– Programs are reusable functions, and functions are not recursive – Variables are local to functions (programs) – The fundamental data types are arrays and tuples of arrays, but there are also floating point, fixed point, complex numbers; records; hierarchical data structures; list of pairs.

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Plankalkül Release History

Phase 1: 1938-1940 Phase 2: 1941-1948 Phase 3: 1957-2000

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