Oura Ring vs. Apple Watch: How Do They Compare?

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Oura Ring

Release Date: 2015 Developer: Oura Health What is it? Smart ring to track sleep and recovery Battery Life: 4-7 days Sensors: Optical heart rate, body temperature, accelerometers, green LED lights

Apple Watch

Release Date: 2015 Developer: Apple What is it? Smartwatch to get updates about health and fitness and notifications from mobile Battery Life: Up to 18 hours Sensors: Optical heart rate, electrical heart rate, accelerometer, altimeter, gyroscope

Multiple Blue Rings

Apple Watch Series 8 [GPS 45mm] Smart Watch w/ Midnight Aluminum Case with Midnight Sport Band

– WHY APPLE WATCH SERIES 8 — Your essential companion for a healthy life is now even more powerful.

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Oura Ring vs. Apple Watch: Must-Know Facts

Apple Watch is a smart wearable wrist device that functions similarly to a mobile phone.


The Oura Ring is considerably cheaper than the Apple Watch at $299, it’s about half the price of an entry-level Apple watch.


The Oura Ring has a battery life of up to a week, while the Apple Watch needs to be charged every 18 hours.



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