Nvidia GeForce vs. AMD Radeon: Who wins?

Gaming Benchmarks

The RTX 3050 and RX 6600 XT are both effective competitors but do not stand out in these tests compared to the others.  DLSS is only on RTX 3000 cards, so for 4k gaming, Nvidia’s cards are the winner, hands down.

3D Rendering

You might also see in these results that the Nvidia cards beat out every AMD card in its class and sometimes punch above. This is probably due to the Nvidia cards having an architecture that is more optimized for blender and creative programs.

3DMark’s Benchmark

These results don’t always mean that the card that comes out on top is the best, however, it does handle the stress of heavy loads the most efficiently. All these results are from 3DMark’s leaderboard online.

NVIDIA GeForce vs. AMD Radeon: Must-Know Facts

The NVIDIA lineup benefits from DLSS and Ray Tracing capabilities whereas the AMD Radeon lineup does not.


For a cooler (temperature-wise) set up look towards the AMD cards, they tend to draw less power and run a little bit cooler.


Creative Applications like Adobe Creative Suite are more optimized for NVIDIA’s GPUs.



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