NIO vs. Lucid: Which Electric Vehicle Company Is Best?

Today, let’s compare and contrast the NIO and the Lucid, making sure to weigh their respective pros and cons as EV manufacturers. We’ll start with a full comparison between the two, then place them side by side to better clarify their similarities and differences.


Founded: November 2014 Headquarters: Shanghai, China Key Figures: Lihong Qin (President); Wei Feng (CFO) Founder(s): William Li Number of EVs: 7


Founded: 2007 Headquarters: Newark, California, USA Key Figures: Peter Rawlinson (CEO, CTO); Andrew Liveris (Chairman) Founder(s): Bernard Tse, Sam Weng, Sheaupyng Lin Number of EVs: 1

Must-Know Facts About NIO and Lucid

– Instead of your traditional EV charging stations, NIO relies on battery-swap stations.  – Lucid originally built EV batteries and powertrains under the name Atieva.

NIO Pros and Cons

Pros: NIO has no shortage of EVs on the market — they’ve released more than half a dozen so far with plans for more coming soon. Cons: NIO is only available in Asia and Europe, with no immediate plans to arrive in the States.

Lucid Pros and Cons

Pros: The Lucid Air is a rock-solid EV, offering up to 520 miles off of one charge. Cons: Slow to get more models on the market, $100,000 price tag is way out of reach for many consumers.

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