NASA’s Space Launch System: Specs, Size, History, and More

With contracted help from the country’s most prominent defense contractors, NASA would design a rocket that  outclasses even the historic Saturn V. Continue reading for everything you need to know about the latest space launch vehicle.

Does NASA Build Their Own Rockets?

The simple and straight answer is, NASA does not build its own launch vehicles. For everything from the Delta family of rockets to the iconic Saturn V, the government space agency hires contractors.

What is the Space Launch System?

– Block 1 – Block 1B – Block 2

Space Launch System Specs

Height: Block 1 crew: 322 feet, Block 2 cargo: 365 feet Total weight: 5.75 million pounds Diameter: 27.6 feet Payload: Block 1: 95-105 tonsBlock 2: 130 tons Stages: 2

What’s Next for the Space Launch System?

– Artemis 1-3 – Artemis 4-8 and Beyond

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