Meet Walter Snelling – Complete Biography, History, and Inventions

Born on December 13, 1880, Dr. Walter Snelling was a chemist and significant contributor to the development of explosives and LP gas. Dr. Walter died in September 1965, aged 85 years.

Early life

Dr. Walter Snelling was born on December 13, 1880, in Washington, D.C., to Walter Comonfort Snelling and Alice Lee Hornor. 

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Career: Phase 1

Snelling worked at the United States Geological Survey in Washington D.C. and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, between 1907 and 1910.

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Career: Phase 2

From 1910 to 1917, Dr. Snelling worked as a private researcher consultant at the Trojan Powder Company.

Career: Phase 3

Dr. Snelling was appointed as a consultant to the Atomic Energy Commission in 1946 and was with them until the commission was dissolved in 1960.

Invention 1 – Discovery of Propane

Snelling’s Propane discovery started in 1910 following an angry motorist’s visit to his office to complain about the quick evaporation rate of the gasoline he bought. 

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Dr. Walter Snelling Awards and Achievements

Award 1: Edward Longstreth Medal (1962) Award 2: Honorary Doctor of Science, Lehigh University

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