Thomas Strode – Complete Biography, History, and Inventions

Thomas strode is a holder of three patents for adding machines. He is widely known because of his famous circular stylus-operated mechanical calculator, which survived our time.

Who was Thomas Strode?

Thomas T. Strode was an heir 6th generation of the early settler George Strode from Millbrook, Hampshire, England. George Strode moved to Chester County, Pennsylvania, about 1682 with his family.

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Early Life

Thomas Strode worked as a storekeeper and farmer around Coatesville (in some of the patents, he was specified as living in Nortonville, a hamlet near Coatesville).

Thomas Strode Invention: The Adding Machine

The adding machine was a mechanical calculator invented by Thomas Strode to help in accounting. It is believed his early life as a Storekeeper could be the reason for his invention.

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Thomas Strode Invention: The Circular Stylus-Operated Adding Device

Thomas strode last patent (US74170 from 1868) was for the circular stylus-operated adding device, and the patent model still exists today.

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