Thomas Ross – Complete Biography, History, and Inventions

Thomas Ross was a student at the University of Washington who invented the Robot Rat. A device that could use a neural network to think like humans. He wanted to bring a permanent change to task errors and human forgetfulness by building an effective thinking machine.

Early Life

Thomas Ross was born in 1909 at McClips, Washington. He was a student at the University of Washington. Ross was highly interested in robotics engineering.

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From a young age, Thomas’s life rotated around machine invention. Although nothing is shared about the companies he worked for, he must have been a great resource in the robotic industry.

Thomas Ross Invention: The Mechanical Arm

In 1933, Ross built a mechanical arm powered by an electrical engine that explored five parallel paths in a kind of vertical maze, searching one after the other from the entrance to exit.

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Thomas Ross Invention: The Robot Rat

Thomas Ross was widely known for his Robot Rat device. Identical to humans, the machine could learn and effectively correct previous mistakes without assistance.

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