Meet Salomon de Caus – Complete Biography, History, and Inventions

Salomon de Caus was a French scientist and engineer with various amazing skills, including designing, architecture, hydraulic engineering, and inventing. As a designer, he built several gardens, grottos, and fountains, spending most of his life moving across Europe.

Early Life

Jean Salomon de Caus was born in 1576 in Dieppe, Normandy, into a Protestant family. The whole family moved to England, where Salomon obtained his education. 

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Career: Phase 1

Salomon de Caus observed the garden of Bernardo Buontalenti, Florence, and the Villa d’Este at Tivoli near Rome between 1595 and 1598.

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Salomon de Caus Invention 1: Water-Driven Swan

Salomon de Caus was notably known for his invention of the Water-Driven Sawn. The Water-Driven Sawn was an automaton that had singing birds.

Salomon de Caus Invention 2: Hydraulic Grotto

The mechanism is made entirely of wood, driven by two waterwheels put in motion by jets of water from two pipes that emerge from a common reservoir.

Salomon de Caus Published Works and Books

Salomon published the book Les Raisons Des Forces Mouvantes Avec Diverses Machines Tant Utiles Que Plaisantes, translated to English as “The Reasons for Moving Forces with Various Machines as Useful as Pleasant” in 1615.

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