Norbert Wiener – Complete Biography, History and Inventions

Norbert Wiener was a famous American mathematician who took the field of math and expanded it to a variety of other areas, ultimately culminating in the development of Cybernetics, an all-encompassing field that dealt with the interaction of feedback loops and behavior.

Early life

Norbert Wiener was born on November 26, 1894, in Columbia, Missouri. His father, Leo, earned a living teaching Slavic and German languages to others. 

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– Professor at MIT – Guggenheim Scholar in Europe – Contributions to the War Effort – Post-War Career

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What Did Norbert Wiener Do and Invent?

– Cybernetics – General Philosophy – Brownian Motion & Wiener Process – Wiener Equation – Wiener Filter

Norbert Wiener: Awards and Achievements

– Bocher Memorial Prize – National Medal of Science

Norbert Wiener: Published Works and Books

– Norbert Wiener: A Life in Cybernetics – The Human Use of Human Beings: Cybernetics and Society – Cybernetics Or Control And Communication In The Animal And The Machine

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