Milton Jeffers – Complete Biography, History, and Inventions

Milton Jeffers, an agent and broker from New York whose invention, a simple adding device, helped move the world that much closer to a real, functional calculator.

Milton Jeffers Simple Adding Machine

Milton Jeffers’s most notable invention is undoubtedly the simple adding machine. Jeffers received his patent in 1863, which describes the device as a lever-set non-printing adding machine.

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Milton Jeffers Farming Inventions

The first came in 1868 and was a combined fodder cutter and corn husking machine. With this farming machinery, corn stalks passed between a set of rollers.

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Milton Jeffers: Marriage, Divorce, Children, and Personal Life

If Milton Jeffers had a wife and children outside of his career as an inventor, then their names, birthdates, and death dates are not commonly known or easily discoverable online.

When did Milton Jeffers die?

Milton Jeffers died in 1896.

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