Amos Mendenhall – Complete Biography, History, and Inventions

Amos Mendenhall was an American inventor that was recognized for attaining five US patents. He left a stamp on American history after he patented a practical calculator (US patent 67786) in 1867.

Early Life

Amos Cowgill Mendenhall was born on November 16, 1828, in Clinton County, Ohio, to Hiram Mendenhall and Martha Ann Hale. 

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Some sources suggest that he worked as a store manager, manufactured goods, farmer, and mechanic around Indiana after he returned home from their California Gold Rush adventure.

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What Did Amos Mendenhall Invent?

In 1867, Amos Mendenhall of Cerro Gordo, Indiana, patented a practical calculator (US patent 67786). The practical calculator of Amos Mendenhall is an adder with a brass box that has a rotating disc inset on the top.

Other Works

Mendenhall not only patented the practical calculator which was his first, but he also took out patents for gold mining devices, a tricycle, and a bicycle granted on September 29, 1903.

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