Alexander Rechnitzer – Complete Biography, History, and Inventions

Alexander Rechnitzer was an exceptionally gifted mechanic and inventor who laid the ground for fully automatic calculating machines. He was born of a German-speaking Jewish family in Bratislava (formerly Preßburg), Austro Hungarian empire, around 1880.

Early Life

Alexander Rechnitzer’s parents lived in Körmend before moving to Preßburg in the 1870s, where his elder sister was born in 1878. They later relocated to Vienna in the early 1880s after the birth of Alexander.

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Rechnitzer dedicated his life to developing and perfecting his first motor-driven machine, the Autarith.

What Did Alexander Rechnitzer Invent?

Rechnitzer invented the Autarit, also referred to as Autarith, a fully automatic calculating machine that could perform multiplication and division operations as well as subtraction and addition.

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How Did it Function?

The machine had to be set to adding mode with a button push for addition operations. The addends had to be keyed in using the two slots of the sliders.

Automatic Four-Rules Calculating Machine

Rechnitzer started working on this salable model in 1912. The machine relied on a belt drive mechanism to perform automatic shortcut multiplications and full automatic division calculations.

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