Laser Printer

A laser printer is a printer that transfers text and pictures onto paper using a focused beam of light. Laser printers work by positively charging a drum with a hot wire, which is then passed over by a laser, which reverses the charge in the areas it strikes.

Facts About Laser Printer

– IBM invented the first laser printer in 1985. It was known as the IBM 3800 and was capable of printing 180 pages per minute. – Each laser printer cartridge is equivalent to around one gallon of oil.

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Laser Printer: History

The first laser printer was introduced by Gary Starkweather, a product development engineer at Xerox.

Laser Printer: How It Worked

Laser printers work using a laser beam to form an image onto an electrically charged, rotating disc. Charged electrons can fall away from light-exposed regions owing to photoconductivity.

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Laser Printer: Historical Significance

1976: The IBM 3800, the first commercial implementation of a laser printer was introduced in 1976.

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