Largest Tech Companies in Pennsylvania

From well-known businesses like Duolingo to some more unknown gems, Pennsylvania is home to some of the most exciting start-ups and tech companies in the USA. Come with us as we explore some of the largest tech companies in Pennsylvania and take a look at what they’re all about.


Duolingo is an educational technology company that produces apps used for learning a variety of languages. They report having over 500 million registered users, using either the free or premium versions of the app.

Comcast – $116.38 billion in revenue

Comcast owns the largest pay-television company and the largest residential internet company in the U.S. Comcast is a very large tech company, employing over 200,000 people and with a huge market cap of $141.06 billion.

Unisys – $2.05 billion

With headquarters in Bluebell, Pennsylvania, Unisys is an information technology and consulting company providing workplace and business computing and cloud solutions.

Bentley Systems – $965 million

Bentley Systems was founded by Keith and Barry Bentley in 1984 and has headquarters located in Exton, Pennsylvania. They are a software development company that develops and sells software and services for industries such as construction and infrastructure.

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