Kia EV9 vs. Tesla Model Y: Which One Is the Better EV SUV?

The long wait is nearly over, and the Kia EV9 and Tesla Model Y match is about to begin. Kia has been masterfully teasing us with little bits of information about the upcoming release of the EV9. Keep reading to learn more!

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Kia EV9 RWD Standard

Length (Inches): 197.2 Width (Inches): 77.9 Height (Inches): 69.1 Wheelbase: 122 inches Top Speed: No specs yet Acceleration 0-60 mph Seconds: 8.5 Drive: Rear-Wheel Drive Torque: 258

Tesla Model Y Performance

Length (Inches): 187 Width (Inches): 75.6 Height (Inches): 64 Wheelbase: 113.8 Top Speed: No specs yet Acceleration 0-60 mph Seconds: 3.5 Drive: AWD Dual Motor Torque: 479


– Telsa has two Y models: the Performance and the Long Range. – Kia has at least two models: the EV9 RWD Standard, and RWD Long Range, and there’s a mention of an EV9 AWD range-topper. W

Kia EV9 vs. Tesla Model Y: Must-Know Facts

The Kia EV9 isn’t available for order (or delivery) in the US. Hyundai will begin accepting an order from the US in Q3/Q4 2024.


You can order a Telsa Model Y right now. It’s available.


The Telsa Model Y is very tight for anyone in the third row. Check the specs carefully to ensure the third-row size fits your needs.


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