Jensen Huang: Net Worth, Biography, Family, and More

Our detailed biography walks you through his early life, examines his successful career, highlights his greatest professional accomplishments, and sheds light on his family life. But first, let’s see who Jen-Hsun “Jensen” Huang is and what he’s known best for.

Who Is Jensen Huang?

Born Jen-Hsun Huang on February 17th, 1963 — and since adopting the Americanized nickname he goes by today — Jensen Huang is known best for co-founding the Nvidia Corporation.

Jensen Huang: Early Life

As Huang grew older, he emerged from these rocky years victoriously, attending Aloha High School just outside of Portland for grades 9 through 12, then joining Oregon State University for his undergrad.

The Career of Jensen Huang

– Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. – LSI Logic – Nvidia

What Did Jensen Huang Do?

– Co-Founded Nvidia – Revolutionized the GPU – Created the Omniverse

Huang’s Law Explained

Based off of Huang’s comments at 2018’s GPU Technology Conference in San Jose, California, Huang’s Law is as follows: Graphics processing units grow at a faster rate than central processing units.

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