Is Ferrari Making an EV? What We Know So Far

This year, Mercedes-Benz released its debut electric vehicle, the EQS. Combining a modern electric motor with the grace and sophistication that Mercedes is known for, the auto manufacturer officially began the age of luxury EVs. Continue reading for everything we know about Ferrari’s possible plans to move into the EV space.

Ferrari’s Legacy

– 15 World Drivers Championship titles – 16 World Constructors Championship titles – 221 Grand Prix victories – 679 Podium Finishes – 230 Fastest Laps

Is Ferrari Making an EV?

While virtually every automaker jumped on the EV bandwagon, including Mercedes-Benz, Chevrolet, and even General Motors, Ferrari continued to do what it set out to do: cater to its exclusivity.

Ferrari’s Plans for the Future

The luxury automaker plans to release its first fully-electric vehicle in 2025. It will be one of 15 new models that will spearhead Ferrari’s carbon-neutral business plan for the future.

Ferrari EV Competitors

– Tesla Roadster V2 – Lotus Evija – NextEV Nio EP9 – Rimac C Two

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