iPhone Overtakes Android to Claim Majority of US Smartphone Market

For the first time ever, iPhone has overtaken Android and is now the most popular smartphone brand in the US. Let’s deep explore the US smartphone market with share data, analysis, and Apple’s revenue, as well as the top reasons Americans are switching to iPhones. 

US Smartphone Market Share Over the Years

iPhone has topped the US smartphone market for the first time in history. The Financial Times reported the iPhone claimed about 50% of the US market share in June.

US Smartphone Market Share 2022

– Apple has an 8% year-over-year growth due to the high demand for its products, such as the iPhone 13 Series and the newly launched iPhone SE 2022. – Samsung has a 7% year-over-year decline despite the launch of the Galaxy S-series.

Apple’s Revenue From US Market

Apple’s largest geographical regional market is the US, generating about 37.47 billion dollars in net sales in the third quarter of Apple in 2022. The US counts for about 40% of net sales. The other two big Apple markets are Greater China and Europe.

Top Reasons Why People Are Buying iPhones

1. Outstanding performance 2. Easy to use 3. Frequent Updates 4. Hardware and Software Integration 5. Privacy & Security 6. Payments through Apple Pay 7. Apple CarPlay 8. Excellent Customer Support

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