Integrated Circuit (IC) Explained — Everything You Need to Know

An integrated circuit is a way of circuits that eliminates the need for several components through the use of silicon board and soldering for electrical conduction.

Facts about the Circuit

– The Integrated Circuit was technically developed and invented by three different individuals, all unaware of each other’s work. – Geoffrey Dummer conceptualized the design, Robert Noyce was granted the first patent, and Jack Kilby’s application was being reviewed while the first patent was granted.

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Circuit History

The need for the integrated circuit (IC) was driven by the need for smaller and smaller components. Smaller components means smaller overall size, which allowed for the creation of almost every device we use today from smart TVs to cell phones.

Circuit: How It Worked

Traditional circuits are composed of groups of wires, transistors, and other components. Integrated circuits differ in that several components are replaced with silicon particleboard, a different type of board than what was being used at the time.

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Circuit: Historical Significance

Integrated circuits serve a crucial function in the history of scientific inventions and the advancement of technology as a whole.

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