How to Turn Off Find My iPhone, With Photos

If you plan on selling, trading, or giving away your iPhone, it’s important to turn off the ‘Find My’ feature before doing so. This prevents the new owner from accessing your private information and allows them to reset the device without encountering the dreaded ‘Activation Lock’ screen.

1. Open Settings

Pull down from the middle of your screen to bring up the Search field. Type in “Settings” and it should pop up.

2. Tap on [your name]

Tap on it. The majority of your Apple ID information is held here, including access to several other important setting options.

3. Tap Find My

When you click ‘Find My’ option, you will open more device settings.

4. Tap Find My iPhone

Finally, you will see the option to turn off ‘Find My iPhone.’ Tap on the green slider to turn off tracking services for your device. It will ask for your Apple ID password, but after that, you’re all done!

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