How To Transfer Spotify Playlists To Apple Music Easily

Spotify is among the best music streaming services in the world. Apple Music is up there too. If you’d like to switch from Spotify to Apple Music, along with your playlists, you can do so. Using Free Your Music, you can easily transfer your playlist from Spotify to Apple Music or vice versa. 

1. Download the app

Navigate to the app store on your mobile devices or Free Your Music’s website to download the app to your Android, iOS, Mac OS, Linux, or Windows device(s).

2. Open the app

After you have the app open, follow the walkthrough steps and allow it to access to your Spotify account

3. Select Destination

Once you allow the app access to your Spotify account, it will ask for the destination to send the playlists. For this tutorial, select Apple Music. But there are more options on the app, like Pandora, Amazon Music, and most major music streaming options.

4. Select Your Playlist

With your account linked, you will see a list of your Spotify playlists. Find the one you want to transfer and select Begin Transfer.

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