How to Start a Mommy Blog

Due to the pandemic, there is a growing number of mommies (and daddies!) caring for their young kids at home. Despite their common name, mommy blogs are incredibly diverse. Continue reading to learn more!

1. Identify Your Micro-Niche

The focus of your blog, or its “niche,” is the area of interest you intend to cover. Having a clear emphasis on your blog’s content will help your intended readers find you and become dedicated followers, so it’s crucial to take the time to decide on a blog niche.

For inspiration, you can try these blog niche ideas:

– Budgeting and personal finance – Parenting advice – Cooking and baking – DIY and crafting

2. Passion over Profit

It is essential to understand that you should not pick a niche just because it seems more “profitable.” Once you’ve found it, it’ll be a lot easier to decide on the best name for your new mommy blog.

Setting Up Your Blog

When setting up your blog, you need to find the right hosting service to present it to the world. Having your own domain name or using a blogging platform are the two primary options for hosting your blog.

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