How to Open Task Manager on Windows 10

If you’ve ever had a program on your Windows 10 PC go haywire, you probably understand how vital Task Manager is. This guide shows you how to open Task Manager on Windows 10 and discusses what to do if Task Manager is disabled.

What is Windows Task Manager?

Task Manager is a system program that allows you to shut down or terminate any process on your PC. Those who use Windows a lot are probably familiar with it.

Ways to Open Windows 10: Press the Control, Alt, and Delete

When you press those keys, you’re taken to a new screen with options for Lock, Switch User, Sign Out, or Task Manager. Select Task Manager, and you’ll see a window similar to the one below.

Use command and Windows Key

Another workaround is using a command and the Windows key on your keyboard. You can type taskmgr into that box, which brings up the program.

Open Task Manager with the Start Menu

Click on the Start Menu button and scroll through the list of applications until you see a folder labeled Windows System. Select that folder, and you’ll see an icon for the Task Manager, which you can click to open the program.

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