How to Convert PNG to JPEG in Easy Steps

Today, we’ll explain how to convert PNG to JPEG in easy steps across a range of methods and platforms. This quick and easy-to-follow tutorial is a must for anyone who works with images.

How to Convert PNG to JPEG with GIMP

1. Download and open GIMP (it can take some time to load). 2. In the GIMP desktop, open the PNG by clicking on File in the upper left-hand corner, selecting Open, and selecting your PNG file in the pop-up window. 3. The PNG image will open in GIMP.

How to Convert PNG to JPEG by Changing the File Extension

1. In Windows, open File Explorer. 2. Right-click in the File Explorer and select Sort by. Then, in the alphabetized list of options that pop up in a new window, click File Extension and OK.

Change the File Extension to .jpeg on Mac Computers

1. Right-click the PNG image. 2. Select Get Info from the right-click menu. 3. Look up Name & Extension and delete the .png extension and replace it with .jpeg.

Use the Preview Function on Mac for a Quick and Easy Conversion

1. Locate the PNG file you want to convert. 2. Right-click on the file and select Preview. 3. In Preview, click on File and then Export.

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