How To Convert PDF To Word

PDF files are popular and supported on nearly all platforms. As high-fidelity documents, PDFs look the same regardless of the device, you view them on. Today, we’ll show you different ways of converting PDF documents into Word documents.

1. Convert a PDF to Word Using Microsoft Word

1. Launch Word, and click Open listed on the left-hand pane. 2. Microsoft Word will offer several file locations like OneDrive, This PC, or Browse, listed under Personal and Other headers.

2. Convert a PDF to Word Using Google Docs

1. Open Google Docs in your web browser. You might have to log into your Gmail account to do so or make an account if you don’t already have one. 2. Click the Open file icon (shaped like a folder) in the top right section of the page.

3. How To Convert a PDF to Word Using Adobe Acrobat

1. Start Adobe Acrobat Pro, and open the PDF file that you want to be converted into a Word document by clicking on File > Open. Navigate to the PDF file, or drag & drop the file into the Acrobat window. 2. Click the Export PDF option on the Tools panel on the right-hand side.

Other options for converting a PDF to Word online:

– LightPDF – Nitro PDF to Word – FormSwift PDF Editor – Smallpdf – WorkinTool PDF Converter Online

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