How To Cancel Stitch Fix  (With Photos)

An online styling service, Stitch Fix personalizes your wardrobe based on size, style and budget. If you no longer want to get your fixes, you can cancel your Stitch Fix account in four simple steps.

1. Navigate to Stitchfix.com

Open your web browser and go to Stitchfix.com then log into your account. To access your account, you must provide a valid email address and password.

2. Click on Manage Fix Frequency

Under Manage automatic fixes, you can change the number of fixes you receive in a year. After you log in to your account, click on the option that reads Manage Fix Frequency.

3. Select to Stop receiving Fixes automatically

Now that you have clicked on Manage Fix Frequency you will see two options. One will read I want to change my fix frequency, and the other, I want to stop receiving automatic fixes. Click on the first to cancel your automatic orders.

4. Cancel your next fix (Optional)

If you do not want to receive your next fix as well as cancel your automatic orders. Click on Yes, please cancel my [month/day] Fix.

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