How to Cancel Apple TV from a PC, iPhone or iTunes (with Photos)

Apple’s streaming service was late to the party but has made quite an impact. Millions of people enjoy Apple Originals. Whether you signed up for the service through a promotion or simply want to know how to cancel Apple TV, our guide will walk you through all the steps.

1. Go to Apple.com

From the browser of your choice, go to tv.apple.com. At the top right corner of the page, you should see a Sign In prompt. Click the Sign In prompt to log into the service using your Apple ID.

2. Access Settings

Once logged in, the screen will refresh, and you will see an account icon where the Sign In prompt was. Click it to bring up a dropdown menu, and then click on Settings.

3. Locate Subscriptions

You’ll see a summary of your Apple account including your billing address and parental controls. Scroll down to the bottom of the page until you see the Subscriptions section and select Manage to proceed.

4. Edit Subscription

To cancel Apple TV, click on the Cancel Subscription button, and then confirm your selection on the next screen.

5. Confirmation

When complete, the site will take you back to your account page where you’ll get an effective cancellation date for your Apple TV subscription.

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