How to Buy Bitcoin with PayPal, a Step-by-Step Guide

Cryptocurrency was challenging to acquire for many a few years ago, but we’ve seen new companies step into the space, including PayPal. If you’re wondering how to buy Bitcoin with PayPal, it couldn’t be easier. As long as you have an account set up, our guide will show you how to purchase BTC on PayPal using 6 steps.

How to Buy Bitcoin with PayPal Through the Web: 1. Login at PayPal

Open a web browser and go to PayPal. Click on Log In, and enter your account information in the fields when prompted.

2. Access Crypto

When you are logged in at PayPal, you need to locate the Crypto section on the site. Look for the Send and Request buttons and click on the three dots to open up a drop-down menu. Select Crypto to proceed.

3. Select Bitcoin

From this screen, you’ll see a tab for Crypto and Savings along with options for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and a few other tokens. Find Bitcoin on the list of options and click on it.

 4. Set the Amount

Now, you should see a section that shows the current price of Bitcoin with a Buy button and some preset amounts. You can click on one of those denominations or select Buy to open up a pop-up where you can enter any amount you want.

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