How to Annotate  on Zoom: 

Step-by-Step Guide  (with Photos)

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The following sections will provide information on the benefits of Zoom and how to set up an account. But if you already know all these, move over to the second section where we explain in detail how to annotate on Zoom.

Annotate Using the Screen Sharing

1. Launch a meeting and click on the Share Screen icon at the bottom of the meeting page.

2. Select the screen you would like to share and click the Annotate button on the green frame that pops up. 3. Once the screen is shared, the annotation tool (pencil) will become available. Before we explain the various tools under the annotation, let’s review how to annotate through the whiteboard.

How to Annotate through Whiteboard

1. Click on the Whiteboards icon on the meeting page or you can also click on the Share Screen icon on the meeting page, then select Whiteboard.

Annotation Tools on Zoom

1. Select 2. Text 3. Draw 4. Stamp 5. Spotlight 6. Eraser 7. Format

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