HDR Plus vs. Quantum HDR: Key Differences and Full Comparison

Both HDR Plus and Quantum HDR are not official terms, but are instead terms used primarily by marketing departments to describe why one company’s products are better than another. Today, we will cover the official technologies and standards, as well as some of the unique phrasing.

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Quantum HDR  (HDR 10)

TV Availability: Available on most 4K TVs Metadata: Static Peak Brightness: Ranges From 400-4,000cd/m2 Bit Depth: <10

HDR Plus (HDR 10+)

TV Availability: Available on higher-end TVs Metadata: Dynamic Peak Brightness: Ranges From 1,000-4,000cd/m2 Bit Depth: >10

SAMSUNG 43-Inch Class QLED 4K Q60B Series Dual LED Quantum HDR Smart TV 

– Quantum HDR – QLED 4K resolution – Dual LED lights illuminate a billion shades of Quantum Dot color

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HDR Plus vs. Quantum HDR:  Must-Know Facts

Quantum HDR simply refers to QLED TV technology where small LEDs illuminate the panel.


TVs can have both HDR plus and quantum HDR, with nearly all QLED TVs having HDR.


Both HDR Plus and Quantum HDR TVs are typically 4K.


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