Google Workspace vs. Microsoft 365: 5 Key Differences and Full Comparison

Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 are today’s most dominant office suites. Although the two office suites share common features, there are instances where one overpowers the other. Without further ado, let’s dive in!

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Google Workspace

What is it? Cloud computing, productivity, and collaboration tool developed by Google Release Dates: February 10, 2006 Previous Version: Google Apps, G Suite

Microsoft 365

What is it? Productivity and collaboration tool developed by Microsoft for businesses, healthcare, schools, and government Release Dates: July 10, 2017 Previous Version: Microsoft Office

Pros and Cons of Google Workspace 

Pros: Real-time collaboration in documents, Easy access to data using any device Cons: Minimal storage of 30GB storage per user for the Business Starter plan, No desktop tool

Pros and Cons of Microsoft 365

Pros: Numerous pricing options that accommodate different types of users, Always-up-to-date cloud services Cons: Most of its plans had standard storage of 1TB per user, Limited use of functionality

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