Fifth-Generation Video Game Consoles: the 32-bit Generation

By all accounts, the fifth generation of gaming was another turning point in the industry. Running from 1993 and ending in 2006, this 32- and 64-bit era was a time of huge leaps for home gaming. This generation would notably mark the rise of the optical media format instead of cartridges for console manufacturers that aren’t Nintendo.

3DO Interactive Multiplayer

The history of the 3DO Interactive Multiplayer is an interesting one. Originally conceived by Electronic Arts founder, Trip Hawkins, who created The 3DO Company, the actual specifications for the 3DO actually came from Dave Needle and R.J. Mical of Atari fame.

Atari Jaguar

Released by Atari in 1993, the Atari Jaguar was billed as the first 64-bit game console while 16-bit models were still on store shelves. Atari was a true game changer in the game industry, but its last-ditch effort at console success would result in less than 500,000 total consoles being sold.

Sega Saturn

Sega’s 32-bit follow-up to the popular Sega Genesis should have been a massive success. Sega had a 27-member team work for two years to design Saturn’s hardware, and it’s likely the end of this development period that did Sega in.

Sony PlayStation

History will remember the Sony PlayStation as one of the best-selling consoles of all time. Now known as the PS1, Sony released the console in December 1994 (September 1995 in America) when it was competing against the Nintendo 64 and Sega Saturn.

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